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Our mission statement:

"To provide you with the best Health and Fitness experience"


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Pilates for Beginners

6 Week Beginner Membership $105

A great option for all new members or returning past members. Also suitable for injury recovery or gentle rehabilitation.

Learn the 6 fundamentals of Bodymind Pilates. Each week a new principle is taught and integrated into the routine of exercises.

This ongoing programme allows you to join in and start at any time, and you can attend any beginner classes as often as you like during your membership term. You can also put your membership on hold if you are going to be absent from classes.

The beginner classes run on Mondays & Wednesdays at 6.30 pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10.00 am

Come and try a Beginner Class for Free

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Testimonials and Feedback


"It can be hard for some women with busy jobs to switch off at the end of the day... Bodymind Pilates makes a huge difference and it really helps me sleep... I wouldn’t be without it!”  

Laura Dawes
Harvey World Travel



"Doing Bodymind Pilates brought my golf handicap down by six, and I am now a lot stronger and more supple.”

Sue Falloon
Riversdale Golf Club



“After doing a Bodymind Pilates class I always feel rejuvenated and ready for whatever the day brings ...
I’m now able to spend more time in the garden.”

Jan Veitch


"Well done Bodymind, a friendly considerate and fantastic group of great people!!"

Jenny Shelton      Masterton


"Bodymind enables me to meet and mix with new friends as well as getting regular exercise"

Isabel Campbell    Masterton


"Bodymind has the best disposition in helping people. Warm, friendly professional & caring".

Tracy Trubshoe-Oden Masterton


Reiki, BodyTalk & Accunect Therapist

Pauline Love

Reiki, BodyTalk & Accunect Therapist


Ph. 021 152 0839

Pauline Love has years of experience working in complementary therapies and specialises in Reiki, BodyTalk and Accunect. 

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